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Wuxi top MIXER Equipment Co., Ltd. was established in 2003. Its production base is located in the Yangtze River Delta Economic Zone, industrial city Wuxi. It's matchmetal, Singapore Pte.Ltd It is a technical company specialized in research and development of mixing equipment for fluid, powder and slurry as well as design and production. Can provide customers with high quality, reliable and economic products and integrated, automated, intelligent complete set of equipment services. The company has specialized in powder slurry division, biomass energy and environmental protection division, food and medicine division and fine chemical mixing division. The company has a group of experienced engineers, has rich industry engineering experience, production practice 5S management, through ISO9001 quality management system certification, has the ability to solve the most difficult mixing problem for customers.
Top technology is mature, product quality is excellent, reliable performance, complete specifications, wide range of uses, China's more than 30 provinces, municipalities, autonomous regions and the United States, Russia, Europe, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions. And set up service points in some countries and regions. The product quality has been recognized.
Wuxi top MIXER Equipment Co., Ltd. cooperates with PetroChina, Sinopec, Sinopec, Daqing Oilfield, China Electronics, Baosteel Group, Johnson & Johnson, Coca Cola, limis, Samsung Electronics, Sony, Litan, Sumitomo, Asahi, Dow Chemical, Suntech, ruxing, Sanquan, Wanxin, Shanghai Electric, Mitsui, hangneng, prake, Huatong and Guishang , greenhouse, etc.
The working concept of top mixer is to create domestic first-line brands and produce high-quality products. Taking this as the center, the R & D, design, production, quality management and after-sales service departments of the mixing device cooperate with each other. Always let the staff set up a concept in their hearts: "we should do better".
Top mixing is equipped with a variety of mixing device product combinations, which can provide more optimized, more reliable, and lower process maintenance and operation costs. It can be applied to various liquid-liquid (phase solution, dispersion), solid-liquid, gas-liquid, solid-solid, or combination of several mixing operations with power range of 0.12-500kw and stirring speed range of 0.01-3000r/min. Top mixing provides you with the following sincere cooperation:
The laboratory of our company can be used to do small-scale product testing service, so that some difficult mixing problems become more intuitive. Through the experiment, we can find out the better mixing form.
The company can cooperate with the companies in need in product development, jointly develop new mixing devices, laboratories and do a good job in confidentiality measures.
The company can make use of our technical resources, according to different products and different requirements of users, carry out tailor-made.
The company is responsible for the production of products, the implementation of a one-year warranty commitment.
We are committed to the quality of our commitment, the design and manufacture of mixers and auxiliary systems beyond customer expectations is an important part of our commitment to quality. The effective "process control" of ISO9001 quality management system and advanced test equipment and detection means can continuously improve the quality assurance ability to meet customer requirements and provide high-quality products. We have professional standards and strict quality management system to ensure the provision of technology and products that truly meet the needs of customers.
Our customers are demanding to improve the mixing effect, reduce operating costs, reduce product costs, and expect to get high-quality, fast service response. In order to meet the needs of customers, we have a rapid response center in the user network. The center combines application technology, manufacturing and maintenance to make a quick response for you at any time.
No matter your mixing process is intermittent or continuous operation, as long as you provide relevant process parameters, our application engineers or testers can make timely and accurate mixer design and selection for you.
Our service and sales application engineers will arrive at the site as soon as customers require. They have rich technical knowledge and experience in mixing, sealing and supporting systems, and can quickly handle and answer problems with agitators.
Service time: 9:00-18:00
Service hotline:0510-83383966
Service QQ: