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Light mixing
Industrial mixing
Top intelligence
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Automation of mixing industry
Visualization of mixing industry
"Top intelligence" provides you with "industrial mixing production informatization" solution, making industrial production more efficient and convenient.
"Top intelligence" has been committed to the wide application of information technology in the field of mixing industrial production. Adhering to the business philosophy of "improving the level of industrial production with information technology", it has continuously launched solutions of "industrial safety production informatization" in the mixing industry, popularized and applied to solve the safety and efficiency problems of personnel, equipment and environment in the industrial production process.
"Production informatization of mixing industry" applies comprehensive technologies such as optical fiber sensing, weak signal processing, ultra-high speed sampling, explosion-proof isolation, digital signal processing, IEC61850, relay protection, accurate positioning of moving targets, image processing, application software, etc. In addition to the collection of traditional current, voltage, power, frequency and other electrical quantities, such as temperature. Pressure, water level, strain, gas, solubility, displacement, stroke and other parameters affecting safety factors. Through the decentralized installation mode, real-time collection, analysis, early warning and control are carried out to improve the level of efficient safety production. At the same time, in the LAN or Internet environment, the data or information distributed in each port of the network are collected, transmitted and centralized processed to realize the optimization of personnel and equipment and the scientific management.
Intelligent mixing industry
Informatization of mixing industry
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